There is no more beautiful view to be had over the Taunus mountains and the RhineMain region than from the Grosser Feldberg. The treeless summit is the highest mountain in the Taunus, reaching 879 meters. From the summit – the best vantage point is the twelve meter wide Brunhildisfelsen, which was mentioned as early as 1043 – you can look out over Frankfurt, the Main plain and the Odenwald to the southeast, and to the Vogelsberg to the east of them. The Rhine sparkles to the west, while the view to the north encompasses the Hintertaunus region.

The annual Feldberg gymnastics festival (Turnfest) has been taking place on the summit since 1844. The summit is also home to the Feldberghof restaurant and the Grosser Feldbergturm, which rises 72 meters and can easily be seen from afar. The tower was built as a television broadcasting station shortly before the Second World War. The Kleiner Feldbergturm (40 m) was built back in 1901.

Hessen's oldest falconry with more than 60 birds of prey is also at home on the summit (open daily from May 1 through October 15, 10.00 – 18.00 h). The Taunus-Höhenweg and the Flensburg-Genoa European long-distance trail lead over the Grosser Feldberg. Some of the slopes of the Feldberg are popular ski runs.