Opel Zoo

It all started with Conti, Vanka and Opeline. When the three elephants moved onto the grounds along the B455 between Kronberg and Königstein in 1955, even the founder of the open-air zoo, Dr. Georg von Opel, could not have imagined that it would one day house some 1,400 animals. From alpacas and apes to pandas, leopards and kangaroos, right up to skunks and zebras – some 200 animal species are waiting to be admired.

They live in compounds that emulate their natural original surroundings – the savanna, the desert, the tropical jungle, the Arctic, etc. A petting zoo is available for the children. There are also three nature trails providing interesting information – the Wald-, Apfel- and Geo-Lehrpfad.

von Opel Hessische Zoostiftung
Königsteiner Straße 35
61476 Kronberg im Taunus
Tel.: +49 (6173) 79 74 9