Saalburg Roman Fortress - Limes world cultural heritage site

An excursion back into the ancient world – just two kilometers from Bad Homburg on one of the Taunus slopes. An excursion that is unmatched anywhere else – the only Roman Fortress in the world to have been rebuilt is situated on a slope alongside the B456 heading toward Usingen – the Saalburg. Together with the Limes, the Roman boundary wall, it became a UNESCO world cultural heritage site in 2005.

Tours around the Fortress, which was rebuilt around 1900 at the request of Emperor Wilhelm II, through the museum with its archaeological finds, staged rooms and models, and past the foundation walls of the village that was once located outside the fortifications, and numerous programs and special events provide insight into the world of the Romans that will fascinate both young and old.

Cultural explorations around the Saalburg can be combined with a relaxing enjoyment of nature. The "Rundweg Saalburg" is 2.4 kilometers long and takes about 45 minutes to walk, passing archaeological monuments and reconstructions with six boards providing information in German, English and French.

And then, of course, there is the Limes: The remains in the Taunus constitute some of the best preserved traces of the Upper German-Raetian Limes, which is the largest ground monument in Europe. The "Limeserlebnispfad" is about 30 kilometers long, and encompasses all of the elements that made up the Roman border installation: Ridges and trenches, and the ruins of watch towers and fortresses of different sizes.

An excursion to the Saalburg can also be a culinary experience. The Taberna museum café offers Roman food and drinks, along with other options. The neighboring Landgasthof Saalburg offers delicious meals or snacks, which can also be enjoyed in the garden in good weather.

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