The stunningly beautiful, natural Weiltal valley with its craggy protruding rocks is as popular with hikers and cyclists as it is with bikers and classic car enthusiasts. It stretches a good 47 kilometers, from the spring close to Rotes Kreuz (L 3025 between Königstein and Schmitten) to where it joins the Lahn near "Guntersau". Just one kilometer more will bring you to Weilburg, a former Baroque seat of power. In addition to quaint Taunus villages along the route, you can also admire "Burg Weilstein", the Landstein forester's lodge, the Mappes, Erbis and Runkelstein mills, and enjoy the view from the "Weiltalblick" observation point.


Schmitten occupies an idyllic location in the lovely Weiltal at the highest point of the Taunus. Surrounded by mountains and slopes with deciduous and pine forests, the town is the perfect destination all year round for relaxing vacation and leisure activities: for walks and hikes or trips up to the Grosser Feldberg, to the castle ruins in Oberreifenberg and Hattstein, to the Bassenheimer Palais or the heritage-protected churches in Niederreifenberg, Arnoldshain and Schmitten itself.

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Unspoilt nature, original scenery and wonderfully healthy air – Weilrod in the Naturpark Hochtaunus is a paradise for hiking and relaxing. Discover the fortifications at Altweilnau and Neuweilnau or one of the oldest vicarages in Germany on a tour through the Weiltal. Numerous cross-country skiing trails and wonderful sledging routes liven up the winter.

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Grävenwiesbach and, above all, its five rural suburbs have remained largely undiscovered by the tourist masses. It is a tranquil place, even on Sundays. Hikers will find lovely, undulating scenery offering deciduous and pine forests, and wide open fields. The Weiltalweg - the route through the Weil valley - runs close to Heinzenberg. The Baroque church in the core town of Grävenwiesbach is well worth a visit.

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Walkers and hikers will love Weilmünster, a large community with twelve suburbs: some 3,240 hectares of publicly-owned forest and 147 hectares of privately-owned woods with a huge density of red deer. The paths across the fields and through the forests are superbly suitable for hiking. The Möttauer Weiher is a tranquil lake that is popular among hobby fishermen.

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Weinbach calls itself the springboard for activity enthusiasts! Situated ten minutes away from Weilburg, it offers outstanding conditions for water and fishing sports enthusiasts. It also has a solar-heated outdoor pool in a stunningly beautiful location. The Freienfels castle ruins are well worth a visit, offering a magnificent view over the Weiltal, as is the former moated castle in Elkershausen, which now houses a museum for contemporary art.

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Weilburg is home to a Baroque residence with one of the loveliest castle parks in Germany, and to a wonderful market square. The romantic Lahn river offers a host of experiences and can be discovered on bike or by canoe. Weilburg and its surroundings offer a plethora of sightseeing destinations, such as the former hunting park of the Count zu Nassau-Weilburg, the mining and town museum with its mining shaft system and – unique in Germany – a ship's tunnel and calcite crystal cave. The "Weilburger Schlosskonzerte" – a series of concerts at the castle in June and July – have become very popular.

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