Galerie Artlantis

The "Discovery of Artlantis" took place in the mid-1900s. Back then, artists remodeled the "Künstlerbund Taunus" – the club of artists in the Taunus, which was founded in 1948 – to create the contemporary "Kunstverein Bad Homburg Artlantis", and set up their own gallery for the first time. The gallery was established in the suburb in Dornholzhausen in a former mill at Forellenteich, which was later used as a packaging factory.

Since then, contradictory and fascinating insights into the world of the imagination have been on display in the atmospheric surroundings of a prosaic technical factory hall. Galerie Artlantis offers a broad spectrum of modern, contemporary art, which is showcased in richly varied, intellectual exhibitions as a suitable reflection of the varied approaches to art interpretation among the people. Further areas of focus include cultural exchanges with twin towns and the promotion of art from schools in the Hochtaunus district. The gallery also strives to offer an attractive program of additional activities, such as readings, concerts, cabaret evenings, and more.

Galerie Artlantis
Kunstverein Bad Homburg Artlantis e.V.
Tannenwaldweg 6
63150 Bad Homburg Dornholzhausen
Tel.: +49 6172-37327
Opening hours
(nur während der Ausstellungen)
Freitag 15.00 – 18.00 Uhr, Samstag und Sonntag 11.00 – 18.00 Uhr.