Art in the Zehntscheune

The Zehntscheune is a historic, 400-year old protected building in the suburb of Ober-Erlenbach, which provides a magnificent backdrop for contemporary art. Since the gallery commenced operation, former East German Reimund Boderke and his wife Marlies have been fostering contacts to cultural scenes in the former GDR. This resulted in exhibition focus centering on the new German federal states, featuring such well-known artists as Sighard Gille, Bernhard Heisig, Johannes Heisig, Werner Liebmann, Wolfgang Petrovsky, Frank Seidel, Heinrich Tessmer, Jürgen Wenzel, and others. Meanwhile, however, the gallery is increasingly showcasing artists from former West Germany, and from abroad. Special highlights include Antonio Tapiés, Adi Holzer, Hans-Peter Profunser and Bauhaus painter HIL (Wolf Hildebrandt).

The gallery has a developed a very close cultural partnership with the town of Bad Homburg. Several exhibitions have been organized at the English Church.

The gallery concept embraces expressionist paintings and sculptures, abstract expressionism, and expressionist realism.

Galerie Scheffel
Dorotheenstraße 5
61348 Bad Homburg
Opening hours
Mi. bis Fr. 14.00 - 19.00 Uhr, Sa. 11.00 - 15.00 Uhr