Horex Museum Bad Homburg v. d. Höhe

Presentation of motorbikes designed by Horex in Bad Homburg v.d.Höhe
"Built by bikers for bikers"

The indoor area of the Horex Museum measures some 380 square meters, which are divided among a staircase with 5 exhibition levels, and the first floor. 
The Museum is dedicated to Horex motorcycles, while at the same time commemorating the brand REX, and Motorenfabrik Oberursel, which supplied the engines, and Sattelfabrik Denfeld, which supplied the seats for the Horex bikes. Display cabinets feature cups that bear witness to the successes celebrated by the brand on racing tracks, which are also immortalized in photographs and on film. The legendary "Regina" is, of course, featured; visitors may even sit on her and experience how it would have felt to ride her. One very special feature: On the workshop level, an S 35 is being restored during certain opening hours. This very lightweight machine (weighing just 130 kg) with its really quite lively engine powered by 13 bhp was built in 1934 and belongs to the museum. Interested enthusiasts can therefore watch and ask an expert at work.
The Museum in Gothic House designed the exhibition with the help of items on loan from collectors and Horex riders. Exhibits owned by the museum itself are also on display in the collection focusing on industrial history. A text display in the staircase will trace 200 years of industrial culture in Bad Homburg v.d.Höhe. The museum also traces the history of inventor Philipp Reis and the "Gnom" bicycle with its auxiliary engine.

Entrance fees:
Adults 2.50 €
reduced 1.00 €

At the request of the lenders, the equipment and individual exhibits may not be photographed.

Horex Museum
Horexstraße 6
61352 Bad Homburg v. d. Höhe
Tel.: +49 6172 / 1013167

Opening hours
Mittwoch 10:00 - 14:00 Uhr
Samstag und Sonntag 12:00 - 18:00 Uhr
(Öffnungszeiten an Feiertagen sind auf der Homepage des Horex Museums nachzulesen.)