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From a railway station that was built for Emperors to a center of culture – Bad Homburg station is going to be developed into an attractive gateway and cultural meeting point. The listed building was originally planned and completed in 1907 at the request of Emperor Wilhelm II, and is now being refurbished to create an atmosphere of transparency and a building that is flooded with light. The KulturBahnhof will become a place that people will want to come to, to buy their tickets and travel needs, but also useful and lovely items for their normal everyday lives.

A further central feature of the project is cultural gastronomy, which ambitiously aims to ensure the wellbeing of guests, no matter what their age, to offer good and affordable food, and to provide a cultural program that will appeal to all age groups.  The culinary and cultural delights will move outdoors in the summer. A conservatory and a "Culture Promenade“ are going to be added to the west wing, which will also create a visual, functional and atmospheric link between the reception building and the Fürstenbahnnof, just a few meters away. Last but not least, the top floor of the reception building is scheduled to be converted into an "Art and Culture Loft" measuring about 400 sqm, which will exude a charming loft atmosphere that will be unique in the region.

Am Bahnhof 2
61352 Bad Homburg v. d. Höhe