Curtain up – in the Kurtheater Bad Homburg! It is one of the largest, and best-equipped centers of repertory theater in Germany. Kur- und Kongress-GmbH engages first-class touring theaters and orchestras, actors and artistes that are well-known on movie and television screens, and widely-acknowledged soloists. The theater stages exciting productions, some of which are entirely new interpretations, together with magnificent music performances. All of the disciplines range from the classics to avant-garde, right up to bizarre and original works from the young "theater light" genre.
Tickets can, of course, be purchased for one-off visits to the Kurtheater, or subscriptions for a season can be obtained at comparatively low prices. The subscription entitled "Der Vielseitige" offers a richly-varied mixture of comedy, crime comedy, opera, ballet and musical performances. "Der Schauspieler" focuses on modern theater, while "Der Klassiker" offers both symphonic and quite extraordinary concerts.
There is no need to plump for a fixed subscription, you can compile your own favorite mix: Two subscriptions are available for booking performances from different genres – "Der Individualist" and "Der Musikfreund".

Kurtheater Bad Homburg v. d. Höhe
Louisenstraße 58
61348 Bad Homburg v. d. Höhe
Tel.: +49 (61 72) 178-3710 bis -3713
Fax: +49 (61 72) 178-3719