Saalburg Museum

The Romans left Bad Homburg a rich legacy. More than 500 soldiers guarded the Limes boundary wall from the fortress on the Saalburg. At the foot of the fort was a bath house and guest house, together with a village where craftsmen, traders and innkeepers worked. The Saalburg may have been home to as many as 2,000 people.

After the Romans left the fortified complex around 260 AD, the buildings fell into disrepair. Some of them were rebuilt around 1900 at the request of Emperor Wilhelm II, others have been restored according to Roman models in past years. Since 2005, the Saalburg has been a UNESCO world cultural heritage site, as part of the Limes.

During digs that took place from the mid-19th century onwards, not only were the foundations uncovered, but also innumerous finds from the daily lives of the soldiers and civilians. The original finds on display at the Saalburg Museum are enhanced by staged rooms and models, and provide fascinating insight into times long gone.

The Saalburg Museum is, however, not just a center of exhibits to be viewed; it is also a place to join in and experience. Numerous programs for children and adults and an extensive diary of events bring the Roman times at the Limes back to life. The Taberna museum café reproduces the culinary tastes of the Romans.

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