Tennis courts

Tennis-Club Bad Homburg

The center of the Kurpark is home to the respected Bad Homburg Tennis Club – on precisely the site where English spa guests used to play balls to each other across the net from 1876 onwards, albeit back then in friendly matches. The Bad Homburg tennis grounds in the Kurpark are the oldest on the European continent! Nowadays, the TC Bad Homburg has nine clay courts and a heated air-inflated hall for playing in winter. A restaurant offers food and beverages before and after a match, and welcomes non-playing guests, as well. The new clubhouse was built in 1993 and is called the "White House" by the people of Bad Homburg in light of its architecture and purpose.
Further tennis club courts are located on the grounds of the Homburger Turngemeinde (HTG) on Niederstedter Weg, and in the suburbs of Kirdorf, Ober-Eschbach, and Ober-Erlenbach. The tennis courts and hall of the café Haus von Noorden on Kälberstücksweg are not affiliated to any club.