Walking and jogging routes

Joggers and Nordic walkers will find opportunities to practice their preferred sports just a few steps from the town center and many hotels: in the Kurpark and the neighboring Hardtwald. Two "Kur-Royal-Parcours" are signposted in the Kurpark: one is 1,100 meters long, the other 2,150 meters. The routes are covered with fine gravel to protect the joints, and are illuminated for most of the way, allowing them to be used in winter as well, when the mornings and evenings are dark.

Three routes are signposted in the Hardtwald: over 2.3, 3.5 and 5 kilometers. An exercise path is also offered. A flyer indicating the routes is available from the Tourist Info + Service in the Kurhaus, and from the Stadtladen in the Rathaus.