Poetry & Literature Festival

Famous names from the world of literature are closely linked to Bad Homburg: Kleist and Goethe, who created literary monuments to the town with their works "Prince of Homburg" and "Pilgers Morgenlied". Others lived and worked in the spa town for years, such as Samuel Agnon and, of course – Friedrich Hölderlin. His presence can be felt throughout cultural life in Bad Homburg, especially each year in June when the prestigious literary award that is named after him is presented.

Since 2010, this award ceremony has been framed by the "Bad Homburg Poetry & Literature Festival", which is very special: The best-known, award-winning actors from film, television and stage spend several days in the town and read classical poetry from the widest range of genres. These readings are often accompanied by music performances. The venues invariably create a very special atmosphere: the castle chapel, for example, or the castle library, a church or the Saalburg Roman Fortress, or even open air in the Kurpark or the castle gardens.