Dr. Baumstark Clinic

Dr. Baumstark Clinic boasts a tradition that dates back 100 years – visualized externally by the listed villa in which it is housed, whose Wilhelminian charm has been preserved both inside and out. What was originally a sanatorium when Bad Homburg-based physician Dr. Robert Baumstark founded it back in 1911 has meanwhile become a modern rehabilitation clinic focusing primarily on internal medicine and orthopedics. The clinic is equipped with the very latest facilities, from diagnostics to therapy procedures.

The comfortably and cozily appointed 144 single rooms and ten suites in the extension, which was built in 1977, offer accommodation to a standard that is equivalent to a good hotel. They are joined by the stylishly designed dining room and cafeteria, communal areas and library, shop, cosmetics studio, chiropodist, and swimming pool.

Dr. Baumstark Clinic does not just prioritize the body – it focuses equally on the soul. Medical treatment – interdisciplinary if necessary – is combined with psychological programs to alleviate pain or combat stress, for example, or to address sleeping and eating disorders, and with relaxation therapies.

The guests who come to Dr. Baumstark Clinic for rehabilitation or post-hospital treatment are either patients covered by the national health insurance system, private patients, or health-conscious individuals who enjoy the compact spa programs (lasting a couple of days), including medical check-up, at their own expense. These programs focus on specific themes, such as Vital Spa Treatment, Kur-Royal, Slim & Fit, or the "3-Day Dr. Baumstark Spa Treatment".

Klinik Dr. Baumstark GmbH
Viktoriaweg 18
61350 Bad Homburg v. d. Höhe
Tel.: +49 6172 - 407-0
Fax: +49 6172 - 86413