Hochtaunus Clinic

Patients with acute needs receive excellent care at the Hochtaunus Clinic if they fall ill or have an accident. The hospital offers state-of-the-art medical care that meets the highest quality standards. Every year, it treats more than 40,000 out-patients and more than 20,000 in-patients. The hospital offers some 400 beds in single and two-bed rooms.

The medical program encompasses the general and visceral surgery departments, orthopedics and accident surgery, vascular surgery, internal medicine (particularly cardiology, pneumology/oncology and gastroenterology), urology, geriatrics, gynecology and obstetrics, and anesthetics and radiology. They are joined by wards for attending physicians for oral and dentofacial surgery, ENT treatment, and reconstructive surgery.

The care provided by the physicians and nursing staff is enhanced by the free social counseling offered at Hochtaunus Clinic. It provides support when patients are faced with problems associated with their illness, stay in hospital, and their post-hospital care.

The foyer with its modern design encourages communication,  and is the meeting point where patients and visitors sit and chat, or admire contemporary art. Changing exhibitions display the works of – mostly – regional artists. The café offers cozy surroundings for enjoying a cup of tea or coffee, while the kiosk offers all sorts of products. A visit to the hairdressers can also prove to be therapeutic.

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