Paul-Ehrlich Clinic

To this day, Paul-Ehrlich Clinic upholds the superb medical standards set by the physician, biologist and Nobel Laureate after whom it was named, and who spent his final days in the sanatorium run by his friend, Dr. Pariser, in Bad Homburg in 1915. The site now houses a modern clinic operated by Deutsche Rentenversicherung Knappschaft-Bahn-See, the German national pension organization for rail and sea workers, and is located close to the town center, yet still in a quiet spot bordering on the large Kurpark.

Paul-Ehrlich Clinic offers holistic therapies aimed at restoring health, physical efficiency, and wellbeing. It provides rehabilitation, therapeutic and post-hospital treatment for internal, surgical, neurological and orthopedic indications. The program also includes oncological after-treatment and pain therapy. The medical treatment is accompanied by behavioral and relaxation therapies, health training and nutrition counseling.

The clinic has its own supplementary diagnostics department, all of the necessary physical and balneological therapy facilities, gym and swimming pool. Together with the whirlpool and sauna, the latter provides a wellness area that is flooded with light and can also be used for leisure purposes. Cozy, inviting rooms are available for chats, sports, and fun and games.

Patients at Paul-Ehrlich Clinic are housed in 165 single rooms or double rooms, if their partners wish to accompany them. The clinic also offers health weeks lasting between one and three weeks, where guests can combine vacation with relaxation and medical care at their own expense.

Deutschen Rentenversicherung Knappschaft-Bahn-See
Landgrafenstraße 2-8
61348 Bad Homburg v. d. Höhe
06172 - 128-0