Wicker Clinics

The largest rehabilitation clinic in Bad Homburg is just a few steps away from the inviting green of the heritage-protected Kurpark on the one side, and the lively pedestrian zone on the other. The clinic is easy to find and reach, which also makes it ideal for partial in-patient and out-patient treatment. In-patients are accommodated in about 340 comfortably appointed rooms. Some of the rooms are doubles to accommodate partners accompanying the patients.

The Wicker Clinic / Spine Clinic has three specialist departments that work together, depending on the requirements in each individual case:

  • The Spine Clinic treats all illnesses of the musculoskeletal system that cannot be treated conservatively, i.e., using surgery.
  • The Internal Medicine and Rheumatology department specializes in inflammatory and degenerative rheumatic illnesses, together with gastroenterological and metabolic illnesses.
  • The Wicker Clinic for Neurology treats patients with degenerative and inflammatory illnesses of the nervous system, e.g., after strokes, or after operations on the brain or spine with neurological deficits.

The therapy program encompasses exercise, ergotherapy, physical therapy, and speech therapy. The clinic has its own swimming pool. The clinic adopts a holistic approach to therapy that incorporates the social, psychological and professional conditions of the patients in equal measure. Patients can learn how to cook healthy meals in the training kitchen.

When not undergoing therapy, patients can attend presentations and events or join in other leisure activities in and outside the clinic. In addition to the dining rooms, there is also a cafeteria and terrace, a kiosk, table tennis tables, a creative workshop, and a library.

Wicker Klinik / WirbelsäulenklinikWicker Klinik / Wirbelsäulenklinik
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