Wingertsberg Clinic

The two main areas of focus at Wingertsberg Clinic are "rehabilitation prior to retirement" and "rehabilitation prior to nursing care". The clinic, which can care for more than 200 patients, is operated by Deutsche Rentenversicherung Bund, the German national pension insurance organization, and is housed on a tree-covered slope overlooking Bad Homburg. Treatment is offered primarily for cancer, blood and metabolic disorders, and mental and psychosomatic illnesses. The internal medicine department is equipped with extensive diagnostics facilities.

Treatment adopts a holistic approach, encompassing psychological programs, health training and nutrition counseling, but also presentations, concerts, readings and occupational therapy in the evenings. Physiotherapists and exercise trainers show the fun – and therapeutic benefit – to be gained from exercise in the swimming pool. Massages, manual treatments and other spa applications support the patients' own active efforts to quickly return them to good health.

Reha-Zentrum Bad HomburgReha-Zentrum Bad Homburg
Klinik Wingertsberg der Deutschen Rentenversicherung Bund, Berlin
Am Wingertsberg 11
61348 Bad Homburg v. d. Höhe
Tel.: +49 6172 - 1040